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La Hacienda Miraflores

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La hacienda hotels collection are designed to be relaxing retreats where leisure travelers can enjoy unforgettable experiences and corporate guests can enjoy relaxing, quiet stays. 

 Luxury hotels in Miraflores and Paracas, Perú, we offer an atmosphere distinguished by warm, gracious service and superb amenities and gastronomy. Each of our hotels offers a central location, providing an authentic connection to the local culture, attractions and people that modern travelers seek. With a deep understanding that little things make a big difference, we go out of our way to make you feel wonderfully taken care of from the moment you arrive. 

Discover the unique locations and locales of Hoteles La Hacienda.

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Hoteles La Hacienda draws inspiration from their surroundings, from the waterfront beauty of the Bay of Paracas to the vibrant urban energy of Lima’s Miraflores neighborhood. Whether you stay at La Hacienda Bahía Paracas or La Hacienda Miraflores Hotel, you will enjoy personalized service and sought-after amenities in a central location that brings the best of the city directly to your doorstep.

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